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Cargo from Nigeria to the UK

Send your Cargo from Nigeria to the UK with our world class service. We are also able to deliver to cities across the UK at a low price!

Cargo to Nigeria from the UK

The following are important information when sending cargo to the UK from Nigeria. We offer one of the cheapest cost for shipping to the UK from Nigeria while we guarantee a timely delivery of your cargo to destinations across the UK.

We us the current Naira exchange rate at the time of your booking to process your order. There are various restrictions when you send cargo to the UK from Nigeria, please check HMRC website for information on restricted items to the UK. We carry out a thorough check on all shipments from Nigeria, therefore your packages will be opened and examined by us and the authorities in Nigeria like the NDLEA, and Nigeria Custom Service to ensure that your shipment is legal. We also take some identification of the shipper.

How we work

  • Give us a call on 0208 858 0491 or on our Nigerian phone number at 0802 378 9830 for information. We guarantee a timely delivery of your cargo to Nigeria from London.
  • You will need to bring or deliver your shipment to our Lagos address for examination and processing. We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays 10am to 4pm.
  • There is NO additional charge if you are collecting your parcel from our London office 20 Bugsby’s Way, SE7 7SJ.
  • All our customers have access to the same low-cost shipping cost from Nigeria to the UK because we are to provide equal quality service to everyone.

Minimum Cargo Size

The minimum air cargo weight from Nigeria to the UK is 10kg, and the rate starts from £4.00 per kg

What you can send

  • General Goods (Bags, shoes, clothes, household items etc.)
  • Food Items (Palm oil, Dry food itemsTV, Phones, Laptops etc.)
  • Personal products (Clothing, cream etc.)
  • Commercial products (Items for sale)

What you cannot send

  • Drugs (Drugs or medicines in any form or state are restricted)
  • Hazardous Items (Any goods, products or other items containing hazardous materials)
  • Weapons (Weapons of all kinds are prohibited. Including knives)
  • Perishable goods (Any goods that need to be kept chilled or frozen, such as meat, fish, chicken etc.)

Pickup or Collection of your cargo to Nigeria from London

You will have to drop-off the items at our Lagos office where we will examine the packages and obtain some identification. Alternatively, you can send the items to our Lagos office via a courier. In this case the receiver in the UK will have to come to our office for the collection and will need to provide identifications before collection. We also offer air and sea freight from the UK to Nigeria.

The rate for air cargo from Nigeria to the UK

  • Starts from £3.80 per kg. Additional cost applies from door to door delivery all over the UK

Departure dates for air cargo to the UK

Our Air freight from Nigeria to the UK leaves every Thursdays of the week and it takes within 7/10 working days to arrive in the UK.

Unboxed or Irregular size items

  • Please wrap and tape all rolled up goods for the best results.
  • If using bags, please tape tightly to because of the risk of tearing.
  • Tape and wrap irregular items securely to avoid breakage.

Packaging your cargo to the UK

  • Tape boxes securely and fill empty spaces in the box with paper or bubble wrap to prevent movement and damage to the goods during transit.
  • Please wrap and tape irregular items securely.

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