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Need some help to understand how we send parcel to Nigeria from the UK? Or how we calculate rates? Please read our FAQs.

Do you ship furniture?

We accept furniture if it is flat-packed and electrical items, which are in their original boxes with inner protection. It is your responsibility to ensure adequate packaging for cargo transportation.

Is there a maximum weight per package?

Our recommendation is not to have more than 30kg per package, so that they are not too heavy. This is in line with our health and safety policy. However, it is not always possible in the case of large items such as a washing machine or a fridge. Please contact us to arrange for special collections for large and bulky items.

Do you re-pack my luggage?

In the case of boxed items, we advise that you pack your items securely in either the boxes we provide or your own. Please make sure you fill out the spaces in the box with bubble wraps or old newspaper to absorbs vibrations and hits during transit. We would repack all Un-boxed items at additional cost.

How do I obtain a quotation?

All boxed and Unboxed items are booked directly on our website with a maximum of 10 packages. However, if you have a large number of items or require specific information, then you can contact directly on 0208 858 0491 or send us an e-mail to info@cargoafrik.co.uk

Where can I pick up my items?

Packages are shipped to destinations specified on your booking. However, if you are not available for delivery then we will leave you a note stating where you can pickup your package.

What if I am a trade?

If your shipment represents a commercial transaction rather than personal items, then all these conditions do not apply to you. Please call us on 0208 858 0491 to get a business quotation. 

Can I send car or vehicle part by Air freight?

All parts must be clean and drip-free. Items which may be regarded as “dangerous goods” such as shock-absorbers will always require the Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before we can confirm whether they are acceptable for overseas transportation.

What is the MSDS form?

MSDS stands for “Material Safety Data Sheet”. Manufacturers of items, which contain hazardous/dangerous goods usually provide the above document which explains to shipping companies the nature of the hazard of their products, how they should be packed and what documentation is required.

Can I pay extra to send dangerous or hazardous goods?

It is possible to declare and send many types of these products legally. We will usually require a copy of the Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which explains the technical specification and restrictions of the products themselves. Appropriate documentation and packing provisions may be required for these type of products. Please contact us for further details regarding the shipment of dangerous/hazardous goods.

Do you only ship goods from the UK?

Yes. At the moment we only operate from the UK and do not ship luggage from any other country.

What should I do if something is missing or damaged?

You should always check all packages and contents to ensure they are in good order and condition before signing for your goods at the point of collection. Once you have signed documentation to say your parcel has been received in good condition, then there is very little chance of holding us responsible for any claim.

Do I have to pay for anything at the destination?

We include the cost of clearing all personal effects and gift packages in your booking. The destination country may impose additional fees on other items before you are allowed to collect your parcels. These fees may include fees for documentation, handling, quarantine, duties/taxes (if applicable) and other related costs. These charges will need to be paid in full before you are allowed to collect your parcels. They are not our charges, and we have no control over them.

How do I track my shipment?

All airfreight shipments can be tracked on our website using the tracking number sent to you at the time of your booking. You also get regular email update as your goods go through our system.

How long does it take for my luggage to arrive?

It depends on the destination. We consolidate all our packages to enable us get the best available prices. This help us to keep giving you the best prices at all times. On average, airfreight packages take approximately 5-7 working days to arrive at their destination from the date of departure.

Do my luggage go through x-ray?

Yes. All packages sent by airfreight go through the x-ray using the latest technology by trained aviation security staff. Prohibited items are identified this way, and you may be liable for prosecution under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act if prohibited items are found in your package. Your goods may also be seized and destroyed.

Will the delivery driver carry my luggage from upstairs?

Wherever possible, your luggage should be on the ground floor awaiting the driver’s arrival.

How do I pay?

We accept payments on our website with a 3D Authentication and Secure system managed by our payment partner, Stripe. Payments for invoices are paid directly into our bank account, which will provide with our invoice.


We do not accept credit/debit card payments over the telephone or cash payment into our bank account.

What documentation do I have to provide in the UK?

All the required details leading up to your booking must be completed in full, as this information will be on the shipper’s inventory form. Some destination countries require additional information, which is available on the individual country page.

Do I have to be at the pick-up address on collection day?

No, but you must have someone present to handover the package to our collection driver. Additional fees will apply if we have to re-arrange any collection due to customer not being available. 

Can I send my excess luggage?

Yes, we offer excess luggage service and will fall within our Un-boxed item service.


Can I send food Produce?

Yes you can send non-perishable foodstuffs. Please make sure they are packed safely. We do not accept frozen or fresh food products, as this requires special arrangements. It is your responsibility to check the restrictions in relation to the country of destination. Please contact us if you are your business involve movement of fresh or frozen food products.

Can I Use My Boxes?

Yes, you can use your cardboard boxes as long as they are strong and wrapped securely. If you request boxes from us then we aim to get them to you for next delivery.

Are my packages opened and checked in the UK?

We are within our right to open and examine the contents of any package, which we accept for transportation. Most packages go through the x-ray at least twice before they are allowed onto any aircraft. Undeclared items will be removed and destroyed.

Are there things that I cannot send?

There are strict rules, which regulate what you can and cannot send as freight. These can range from Hazardous to frozen goods. Please contact us to get information on the procedures to handle such items. It is against the law to send them without the declaration on the shipper’s inventory. Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the non-inclusion of such items alongside typical personal effects.

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